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Scarlet fever is a rash accompanied by a sore throat caused by the streptococcus bacteria. The disease most commonly affects children, but can occur in any age group. The characteristic symptoms are a rash and a 'strawberry tongue'.

The rash of scarlet fever usually begins like a bad sunburn with tiny bumps (papules), and it may itch. The rash usually appears first on the neck and face, often leaving a clear unaffected area around the mouth. It spreads to the chest and back, then to the rest of the body. In body creases, especially around the underarms and elbows, the rash forms classic red streaks called Pastia's lines. Areas of rash usually blanch (turn white) when you press on them. By the sixth day of a strep infection the rash usually fades, but the affected skin may begin to peel.

Children with strep throat infections also commonly have: chills, body aches, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting.

Homeopathic Medicine & Treatment for Scarlet Fever

#Belladonna. [Bell]
this remedy corresponds to the asthenic type, with a bright red rosy hue to the skin,a bright red throat, pain in the epigastrium, the strawberry tongue and the glandular swellings. Thus it is seem that it corresponds to the smooth bright red,Sydenham variety of scarlet fever. It has no correspondence with a miliary rash or with malignant symptoms. There are usually present in a well-marked Belladonna case symptoms of cerebral irritation, such as delirium, twitching of muscles, uneasy sleep. Mercurius will be indicate in certain epidemics by its characteristic throat symptoms, but Belladonna is more often called for. Aconite may be needed at the onset if its symptoms be present, though this remedy usually finds no place in the treatment of conditions due to a poisoned state of the blood. Hahnemann's discovery that Belladonna is a prophylactic in scarlet fever has been abundantly verified in practice. Sulphur is also a most useful remedy to use in scarlet fever, but its especial field is for the sequelae bursting forth upon a scrofulous diathesis.

#Gelsemium. [Gels]
Here the patients are quiet and listless; they are prostrated and stupid; the pulse is throbbing but compressible, and at the onset of the disease it suits cases where neither Aconite nor Belladonna re indicated. The asthenic form, with great prostration is more often met with in poorly nourished children, and here Gelsemium is often the remedy. If the case develops any special malignancy of symptoms other remedies will be needed.

#Bryonia. [Bry]
Bryonia is a remedy often of great value. When we recall its headache, white then brownish tongue, the characteristic thirst, the sharp pains in the tardy development of the rashes, occurring perhaps sin blotches and resembling that of measles, or a disappearing rash with possibly delirium on waking, Bryonia will do good service.

#Ailanthus. [Ail]
This is a most potent antidote to malignant scarlet fever and suits especially severe cases. The patient lies in a stupor, the rash is imperfect, dark and purplish;swollen, livid throat and infiltration of the cellular tissue about the neck; excoriating nasal discharge, drowsiness and prostration, violent vomiting, severe headache and dizziness, small quick pulse, the stools thin, bloody and offensives and there is much foetor to all the discharges. It will save life oftentimes in the most desperate cases. Arum triphyllum has excoriating discharges from the nose,swollen tongue, sore throat; the child is restless and irritable, he tosses about. The extreme soreness of the throat is characteristic of Arum ;the lips and nose are irritated and the child picks at them until they bleed.

#Rhus toxicodendron. [Rhus-t]
A most useful remedy in adynamic forms of scarlet fever. Here the child is restless, drowsy, has a red and smooth tongue, oedematous fauces, the parotids are especially apt to swell or suppurate, the eruption does not come out well, and when it does come out is is miliary. The great depression, weakness and bodily restlessness and the supervening of rheumatic symptoms late in the disease will serve to indicate Rhus. Apis mellifica must be carefully distinguished from Rhus. This remedy has high fever, restlessness and nervous agitation; the mouth and throat are red and the tongue blistered; there is early prostration and scanty urine, drowsiness, miliary rash. It is a remedy ;only occasionally useful in scarlet fever; it stands midway between Belladonna and Rhus toxicodendron; there will generally be present an oedematous condition of the skin and throat, and the skin will prick and sting. It come in well, however, in albuminuria following scarlet fever.

#Lachesis. [Lach]
This remedy suits forms of the disease having a malignant tendency; the child is drowsy and the rash comes out imperfectly and slowly, is dark interspersed with a miliary rash; the throat is inflamed, the cervical glands are swollen, the tongue is dirty yellow. It suits cases core adynamic than those calling for Rhus. Hydrocyanic acid is also sometimes indicated in scarlet fever o;f a malignant type, and Muriatic acid suits malignant cases oftentimes better than either Rhus or Lachesis. With this acid the rash comes out sparingly and is interspersed with petechiae or bluish spots; the child is restless, throws off the bedclothes; the skin takes on a purple hue and there is great weakness and prostration, delirium, a rapid intermitting pulse, foul breath, acrid nasal discharge and sore, bleeding ulcerations in the mouth. Under Arsenicum the rash comes out imperfectly; the child is thrown into convulsions and then relapses into a stupor.

#Ammonium carbonicum. [Am-c]
This is also a useful remedy in scarlet fever. The throat is swollen internally and externally,the glands are enlarged, the tonsils are swollen and bluish and the child is drowsy. The drowsiness, miliary eruption and dark throat will distinguish from Belladonna.

#Zincum. [Zinc]
Zincum will be needed in certain enervated children who become restless and delirious, or else are quit and unconscious and very weak, too weak in fat to develop an eruption, and as a result of this non-development of the eruption brain symptoms, such as meningitis with sharp pains through the head, supervene. In these cases it will often bring out the eruption and safe the child. Cuprum may be needed in troubles from a suppressed rash and Calcarea carbonica must be thought of for scrofulous children with an undeveloped or receding rash. Kali sulphuricum is a remedy for the stage of desquamation.

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