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Holistic Remedies Pvt.Ltd.
Holistic Remedies Pvt. Ltd., in collaboration with Bioforce is pioneering the manufactureof the purest Homeopathic medicines in India.

Bakson's Remedies
Homeopathic remedies from N. C. Health products
Web site of M/s. Dr. Wellmans Homeopathic Laboratory Ltd.
This is a web site of Champaklal Maganlal Homoeo Pharmacy, India
This is a web site of a leading Homeopathic drug manufacturer of India, M/s. Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

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Homeopathic Educational Services
A large range from different well-known manufacturers

HomeoLab USA
Canadian pharmaceutists

Homeopathy for Health
Single and combination remedies - a good site

Dr. Reckeweg
One of the leading pharmaceuticals from Germany

Washington Homeopathic Products
US manufacturers and retailers.

ArrowrootStandard Direct Ltd.
Standard and Hyland's remedies

The Wellness Centre
Online Remedies and Consultation

1-800 HomeopathY
A popular manufacturer now on the web

Homeopathy Kits
Selling Helios remedy kits worldwide

Order remedies from Boericke & Tafel, Dolisos and Standard Homeopathic

Homeopathy Central
Order remedy supplies; Online remedy selector

NewtonLaboratories, Inc
Homeopathic remedy manufacturers

Uptown HealthStore
Includes Homeopathic combinations by Vogel and Hyland's

Heel Inc
Combinations from the manufacturer

BPR HealthInternational
'NeoHomeopathicT' remedies

King Bio Pharmaceuticals
The retail site of an established manufacturer

The Wellness and Longevity Centre, Inc.
Homeopathic remedies

HahnemannLaboratories, Inc.,

Mediral International, Inc.

Los Angeles Natural Resources List of Homeopathic Remedies
A resource list from Los Angeles
This is a web site of John A Borneman III, R.Ph., a experienced Homeopathic consultant of USA
This is a web site of Homeo Lab USA, a Canadian medicine manufacturer
Web sites of manufacturer's 'Luytes 1-80-HomeopathY' of USA which contains services like company information, testimonials news letter, their products catalog etc.
Web site of a US based company Homeopathy Overnight that can deliver Medicines within 24 hours within US. Site contains sub sections like online catalog, links, contact, questions etc.
Web site of Homeopathy Works (Washington Homeopathic Products) US manufacturers and retailers
Web site of USA based BPR Health International supplying Liddell 'NeoHomeopathic, based remedies
Web site of a manufacturer in USA
This is web site of a US based company manufacturing Homeopathic medicines for pets
Web site of Newton Laboratories, Inc., Homeopathic remedy manufacturer
Web site of the Wellness and Longevity Centre, Inc. of USA.
This Web site provides information on professional Homeopathic Pharmaceuticals

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This is a web site of Argentine based pharrmacy Farmacia Homeopatica Cangallo S.A.

Farmacia Homeopática Cangallo

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Web site of Brazilian Pharmacy Idem per Idem Farmacia Homeopatia Ltd.
Web site of Brazilian Pharmacy Ilumina Farmacia Homeopatica'.

Idem per Idem
Homeopathic pharmacy

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Web site of Solstice Homeopathic products of UK
This is a website delivering information in Oligoplex TM Homeopathic preparations which are a range of combination remedies
This is web site of a UK base Company Weledda UK Ltd.
This is a web site of Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy

Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy
Established pharmacy in London

Weleda (UK) Ltd.
Includes an Online Store

Dr. Reckeweg -UK
Combination remedies from Germany

Freemans Homeopathic Pharmacy
A British pharmacy

The ApothecaryHomeopathic Pharmacy
Rotherham, UK

Solstice HomeopathicProducts

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Prahran OnlinePharmacy
Homeopathic remedies and naturopathic preparations
Lifespan Australia
Supplies for practitioners

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Web site of Famous German medicine manufacturer M/s. Reckeweg
Barthel and Barthel

Homeopathic remedies in Germany
Dr. Reckeweg
Combination remedies from Germany - in five languages

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This is a Vetrinary site in Canada.
Laboratoires Boiron
French Pharmaceutical -Homeopathic remedies in Canada
Dr. Reckeweg - Canada
Combination remedies from Germany
Glebe Apothecary
A huge range of remedies and more

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Laboratoires Boiron
Homeopathic remedies in France and more

Dr. Peithner GmbH& Co

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Dr. Reckeweg - Denmark
Combination remedies from Germany

South Africa
W Last Homeopathic
A long-established manufacturing Pharmacy from South Africa

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This is a web site of Heel Pharmacy.
This is web site of a company Hilton Herbs containing information on new products especially Homeopathy and Arromatheraphy
Web site of a shop sellling kits by Helios Company
Web site of Prahran Pharmacy specialising in drug free alternative health products.
Web site of a pharmacy stocking the full range of Nelsons and waleda Homeopathic remedies

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