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Amyl. nit. : Face flushes on slightest emotion; tumultuous and irregular heart-mental emotion; organic heart disease, during; paralytic sensations in extremities; flashes followed by drenching, sweats; opens clothes, must have fresh air, cold air and cold water.

Belladonna : Congestive headaches, plethora, sudden relief from sweat.

China : Excessive sensitiveness to cold; hot flashes followed by drenching sweats; throbbing headaches and anaemia.

Cimicifuga : Melancholy, low spirits and nervous headache on vertex, suspicious, thinks she will go crazy, numb sensations, bruised, sore muscles.

Cocculus : Menses reappear after a year's cessation; sea sickness from carriage or boat riding; exceeding weakness during menses; palpitation, nervous weakness, fainting.

Conium : Nervous states during and after climacteric, morning weakness, vertigo on lying or turning in bed, urination intermits in flow; old maids; suppressed sexual desire, soreness of mammae at menses, hard tumors, cancerous tendency.

Crocus : A live sensation in abdomen, dark, stringy menses, least exertion; haemorrhage.

Ferrum : Fiery red face, with enlarged veins, nervous cases that cry and laugh immoderately, sweats from every motion; vomits solids.

Graphites : Burning vertex pain, delayed menses, obesity and constipation, leucorrhoea, menses, haemorrhages, etc., come in gushes, cicatrices in mammae or cervix; unhealthy skin, glutinous exudates, every injury suppurates.

Lachesis : Hot flashes of dry heat, pressure and burning on vertex, metrorrhagia frequent, alarming; (on waking) flowing; (lying on left side) touch; left sided symptoms; loquacity.

Magnolia : Mental and physical inability and lassitude of mind and body, leading to despondency. Confusion, apprehension and dullness of hearing.

Merc. sulf. : Sweats followed by chill; in folds where limbs are crossed, etc.

Phosphorus : Haemorrhagic cases, small wounds bleed much; haemorrhages from any outlet, replacing menses, etc.

Pulsatilla : Epistaxis replacing menses, mild, tearful; open air and cool room.

Sanguinaria : Migraine; flashes of heart and leucorrhoea, burning and redness of cheeks, ears, palms and soles, pulmonary symptoms, lower (right) lobe, gastric symptoms, burning heat in stomach; heart irregular, muscles of neck and down back, weak and sore.

Sepia : Pelvic and kidney symptoms prominent, foetid urine with claylike sediment, tightly adherent to vessel, yellow patches on skin; prolapsus with burning headache, sad.

Sulphur : Low spirited; ill humor, weeping, constant hot, vertex, headache, acidity of stomach, skin symptoms or piles, suppressed, pruritus ani or vulvae, weak, faint spells in a.m., menorrhagia, flashes followed by prostration, hungry feeling or cold sweat; skin dry; hunger at 11 a.m.; suffocation, wants windows and doors open.

Sulph. ac. : Flushes with perspiration or profuse perspiration on upper part of body only; debility; internal trembling (Caul.); perverted sensations, as of a film on face, hurried, restless and nervous.

Thyroidin : Faintings, lividity, palpitation, jumping sensation about heart; flushings with nausea, on upper part of the body; profuse sweats on least exertion.

Verat. alb. : Despondency; cold sweats, even in a warm room; very nervous, as if she must fly; constipated and depressed.

Xanthox. : Intense flashes, as if to die, wants to be bled, nervous and apprehensive, noises and shadows frighten; sighing and constant desire to take a deep breath; dysmenorrhoea, patient pulls her hair in agony.

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