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Homeopathic Home » Information on Diseases » Back Injuries

Note: Homeopathic Treatment requires strict individualization. Please do not take any medicine without consulting your physician/homeopath.

Who hasn't injured their back? OK, you lucky people go sit in the corner. I remember one time, for absolutely no reason, I fell over backwards and landed on a mike stand, as improbable as that sounds, on my tail bone, with nothing to break my fall, and let me tell you, I was out of commission for at least a week; unable to lift anything or bend forward...if only I had known about homeopathy then, I could have taken Hypericum and moved on! Yes, homeopathy really is that amazing! So, what are the remedies for back injuries? Let's start with...

HYPERICUM (Hyp.)--Spinal injury, even for injections into the spine that result in headaches, etc.; injury to areas rich in nerves, like the tail bone. Trauma with nerve pain, sharp shooting pain, numbness, tingling; pains shoot upwards; spinal concussion, temporary paralysis; always give Arnica first to prevent swelling and bruising--ARNICA is our main trauma remedy. Severe pain, worse touch and pressure; you may have to repeat Hypericum every few minutes depending on the severity of the pain.

NATRUM SULPHURICUM (Nat-s.)--Deep spinal aches, stiffness, sore and bruised feeling; worse damp, cold-damp, hot-humid; spinal concussion when Arnica only palliates, the closer the injury is to the head, the more it's likely to be Nat-s. Mental and emotional changes after spinal injury, for instance--depression, even suicidal depression; when pain remains after Arnica has been given for swelling.

RUTA--Back injury from twisting (also Rhus tox.) Lame feeling, weakness in the back since injury. The person needing Ruta is afraid to do anything, afraid their back will give out. Stiffness.

CALCAREA FLUORICA (Calc-f.)--This is the "chronic" of Ruta. The lameness and laxness has become a permanent feature of the case; degeneration of the vertebrae since spinal trauma and Ruta only palliates.

MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA (Mag-p.)--Acute back spasms, sharp shooting pains, muscle spasms. We call this remedy "homeopathic asprin", but the general symptoms must be present, namely: pains that are relieved by heat and aggravated by cold, pains that are better from hard pressure.

BRYONIA (Bry.)--Sharp pain, slightest motion aggravates, even coughing aggravates. Irritable. Acute slipped disc. Better for lying still and from hard pressure.

BELLIS PERENNIS (Bell-p.)--Deep aches in the spine and injuries to the periosteum (Ruta). Back injuries from lifting and over-straining. The gardener's remedy--achy and stiff. Deep bruising. When Arnica has cleared the bruising but a lump remains. Joint pain caused by being over-heated and then suddenly drinking something ice cold or jumping into cold water. Injuries to the nerves, intense soreness, injuries to the tail bone. Remote effects of injuries--in other words, you're injured here, but the effect is there. Nerve pains during pregnancy because of pressure exerted by the baby.

RHUS TOXICODENDRON (Rhus t.)--Achy, sore and bruised pain with stiffness from falls, accidents, over-lifting, twisting, over-doing in general, sitting in a draft and getting chilled. This is a major arthritis remedy and sciatica remedy when the general symptoms of Rhus t. are present, namely: a great restlessness, can't get comfortable in any position, so there is constant movement. Think of this as the exact opposite of Bryonia which doesn't want to move at all. Rhus tox can't stop moving, though first-motion may be painful, continued motion seems to ease the pain and loosen them up. Eventually, though, they will tire and will have to rest, which will begin the restlessness anew. Next, better from heat, massage and stretching. Mag-p. and Rhus tox are both better from heat and want it as hot as they can stand it--hot water bottles, showers, hot tubs, hot compresses, etc. Dampness and coldness will definitely aggravate. They will tell you they know when a storm is coming because their pains get worse or their arthritis acts up. Worse in rainy weather, cold wet weather, cloudy weather, foggy weather; they're so sensitive to cold that even touching something cold or drinking or eating something cold can aggravate.

CICUTA (Cic.)--The worst of all back injuries. Severe trauma where all the muscles go into convulsions or bizarre contortions. Convulsions after injury to the spine (Arnica, Hyp., Natrum sulph.), shrieking, jerks, spasms, twitching, arching of the back, head drawn backward.

AESCULUS (Aesc.)--# 1 remedy for all sacro-iliac problems since an injury or a fall. Achy in lumbar/sacral area. Pains are worse stooping, rising from stooping or rising from a seat; has to make repeated efforts at getting up. Ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis, sciatica. Spine rigid, frozen. Degenerative hip disease. Walking aggravates. Spine feels weak and stiff. Back and legs give out.

LYCOPODIUM (Lyc.)--Chronic low back pain with the concomitant symptom of gas and bloating. Back injury with gas and bloating.

AGARICUS (Agar.)--Back injury with extreme sensitivity of the spine to touch. Twitching.

TELLURIUM (Tell.)--Pain and weak feeling in back. Very sensitive to pressure and touch; afraid of movement or anyone approaching. Right-sided sciatica. Pain worse coughing, sneezing, straining at stool.

TARENTULA HISPANICA (Taren.)--Over-excitability of the nervous system. Spine is painfully sensitive, touch causes spasms and twitching. A Taren. person in general is restless, fidgety, and in constant motion eventhough he's worse for walking. Pains are violent, painful neuralgias as if a thousand needles were pricking.

Dosage: If you've got a dose of 30C--which means 1 to 3 pellets dissolved on the tongue. As soon as you can get a small bottle of spring water, put 1-3 pellets in the water bottle for your next and subsequent doses, shaking the bottle before each dose. This raises the potency and prevents antidoting of the previous dose. If this is a severe injury, you may want to repeat the remedy frequently until there's a sign that the discomfort has been addressed. If the discomfort isn't severe, give three times a day. As soon as there's a striking improvement, stop the remedy and don't repeat until there has been a relapse. If two days have gone by with no improvement, try a different remedy. If there's an aggravation, stop taking the remedy and an improvement may follow after the aggravation has subsided.

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