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Move More

Make it a daily challenge to find ways to move your body. Climb stairs if given a choice between that and escalators or elevators. Walk your dog; chase your kids; toss balls with friends, mow the lawn. Anything that moves your limbs is not only a fitness tool, it's a stress buster. Think 'move' in small increments of time. It doesn't have to be an hour in the gym or a 45-minute aerobic dance class or tai chi or kickboxing. But that's great when you're up to it. Meanwhile, move more. Thought for the day: Cha, Cha, Cha.. Then do it!

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Medicine Of The Day

Latin Name:
Veratrum Album

Common Name:
white hellebore

Used for fainting or collapse when a person is pale, icy cold, sweaty or dehydrated. The fainting may have been due to violent vomiting, fright, or cramps, especially in pregnancy. Symptoms are better from lying down, and worse with movement (Lockie 148).

Health Tip of the Day

Your child be breasted till such time as your doctor advises.

Health Quote of the Day

Why should (need) a man die who has sage in his garden?"
- Unattributed Author

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