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The following printed journals have their online sites

British Homeopathic Journal
The official journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy

Homeopathic Links
International Journal for Classical Homeopathy

Journal of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians, including online the
Winter1995 issue

New England Journal of Homeopathy
Including online samples of many issues.

The Homeopath
Journal of the Society of Homeopaths (UK), now with a back-numbers index

National Journal of Homeopathy
A Homeopathic journal from India

The Journal of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy

American Homeopath
Journal of the NorthAmerican Society of Homeopaths
E-mail - [email protected]
Managing editor: Greg Bedayn

Documenta Homeopathica (Austria)
E-mail - [email protected]

Frontier Perspectives
Email - [email protected]
Editor: Beverly Rubik

Homeopathy Digest (Web page)

Homeopathy Today
E-mail - [email protected]
Newsletter of the National Center for Homeopathy, USA

Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy
E-mail - [email protected]
Editor: George Guess, M.D.

Journal of the Australian HomeopathicAssociation
E-mail - [email protected]
Editor: Michael Tomlinson

Homeopatie, Czech Homeopathic journal (inCzech)
Published by ALTERNATIVA Publishing House

Il medica omeopata, Italian journal
Published by F.I.A.M., the Italian Federation of Associations & HomeopathicPhysicians

Exclusive news of Homeonet news groups.

Web site of a journal dedicated to the interface between Biolumanetics and classical Homeopathy.

Web site of Holistic News Letter

Web site of the journal 'Resonance', - official journal of the international Foundation for Homeopathy.

Web site of the News Letter ' Homeopathy Digest'

Web site containing information about a leading journal published from India.

Web site of Pulsnet Multimedia Company of Pakistan

Web site of an international journal of Homeopathic Medicine for lay persons, students and practitioners

Web site which contains a lot of information starting from list of schools, names of various web sites

Web site of an online discussion group focussing on what is practical.

Official web site of an international journal 'The New England Journal Homeopathy'

Web site of a Finland based Finnish Homeopathic Journal 'The homeopatialehti'

Web site of the world famous journal 'British Homeopathic Journal'

Web site of 'omeopath', the journal of th society of Homeopaths.

Web site of the largest web. magazine with over thousand members offering free subscription.


Minimum Price Books
Has a huge range of books on Homeopathy

B. Jain Publishers Overseas
A comprehensive catalogue

North Atlantic Books - books on Homeopathy
Includes a wide range of Homeopathic literature

Health Research Books - Homeopathy
Publishes rare and unusual books, lists over 2,000 very old and rare books

Homeopathic Educational Services
A large site by Dana Ullman

Homeopathic Medical Publishers
Email - [email protected]
Publishers for Rajan Sankarn's books

Beaconsfield Publishers
UK publishing house with homoepathic titles

Books in Portuguese

Center for Empirical Medicine
Author Harris Coulter's own site

Situated in Ontario, Canada

Watkins Books
A central London shop

Thematic Repertory - English
By J. A. Mirilli

ALTERNATIVA Publishing House
Books (and more) on Homeopathy from the Czech Republic

Merlijn Publishers Homeopathic book suppliersin Holland
Email: [email protected]

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