Remedy Indicators Aggrav (<) Amel (>) Relations
Aconite (Aconitum napellus) Monkshood Always fearful, Restless, Complaints from exposure to cold and dry cold winds, First stage of congestions, inflammations, Pains more evenings, nights. Face red and flushed, Skin dry and hot,  Evening, night, in a warm room, lying on affected part Better in open air. By uncovering (kicks clothes off) Sulphur follows well. Coff (in pain, fever), Arnica (trauma).
Alumina (Al2O3) Pure clay Inactivity of rectum, strains to pass stools, anemia in women, desire for starch, chalk, leucorrhoea. Adapted for chronic diseases (Aconite of chronic diseases). Dry thin subjects, mild, cheerful disposition. Great heaviness in limbs,staggers while walking, excessive tiredness. Cold air, winter, eating potatoes, new and full moon Mild summer weather, warm drinks, eating, in wet weather Complementary to Bryonia, follows Bry,Lach & Sulph.
Anacardium (Anacardium orientale) Marking nut Pain in stomach, when empty. Sense of lump in anus - ineffectual desire for stools. Suspects everyone, weakness of senses,loss of memory. Irresistible desire to curse and swear. Patient feels as though he has two wills. Worse during motion and work (esp. headaches) Better by eating, Better during digestion Rhus & Platina.

Anac follows well after

Lyc & Puls

Antimonium crudum (Sulphide of Antimony) Thick,white, milky coating on tongue. Corns on soles, pain while walking. Alternate constipation & diarrhoea. Child fretful, cross, cannot bear to be looked at or touched. Headache after taking cold.Great stomach remedy. For obesity (children,young). Mucus piles. By heat, - by heat of sun, sunshine. Also by cold bathing Open air, rest and taking warm bath Similar to Bry, Ipecac, Lyc, Puls in gastric disorders. Follows well after Plus, Mer, Sulph.
Antimonium tartaricum (Tartar emetic) Accumulation of mucus in air passage, coarse rattling, inability to expectorate. Face pale, great sleepiness, coma. Trembling. Child wants to be carried, clings to those around. Damp,cold weather, lying down at night, change of weather. Cold open air, sitting upright, expectorating, lying of right side. Lyc, Veratrum. to Ipecac (more sleepiness in Ant).For bad effects of vaccination (when Thuja fails & Sil is not indicated
Apis Mellifica (Bee sting) Burning, stinging pains, redness and swelling, great oedema - throat, genitals, skin. Thirstlessness. Skin alternately dry and perspiring. Suffocative (every breath his last). Involuntary diarrhoea (anus wide open). Sensitive to touch. After sleeping, warmed heated rooms, getting wet, from touch Open air, cold water or cold bath. Walking, changing position. Compl to Nat mur. Disagrees with Rhus. Ars and Puls follow wells
Argentum nitricum (Silver nitrate) Diseases from mental exertion. Apprehension (stage fright) , Diarrhoea sets in. Dried up, emaciated patients. Headache after mental exertion, relieved by pressure.Splinter in throat.Stools like chopped spinach in flakes.Vertigo, weakness and trembling. Desire for sweets.Profuse discharges. Cold food, cold air, ice cream, unusual mental exertion Open air, craves wind blowing on face, bathing with cold water Similar to Nat mur,Nit ac, Lach. After Ver. Lyc follows for flatulence
Arnica montana (Leopards bane) Compositae Bruised, sore feeling all over the body. Everything on which he lies feels hard. Eructations, stools like rotten eggs. Trauma, shock.Stupor. Stool, urine passed unconsciously. Heat and redness of face, body cool. Fear of being attacked by persons coming towards him. At rest, while lying down, from wine From pressure, contact. From motion. Soreness sim to Bap, China, Phyt, Rhus, Staph. after Acon, Apis, Ham, Apis.
Arsenic album (White oxide of arsenic) Great prostration. Restless. Physically weak. Fear of death. Burning pains. Great thirst for water - but drinks little. Stools scanty, offensive. Unable to lie down for fear of suffocation.Skin dry and cold. Gastric derangements after cold food. Aggravation after midnight. from cold, cold drinks. From heat, headache > cold bath. Complementary - Allium, Carbo v, Phos.
Baptisia tinctoria (Wild indigo) Stools, breath, urine,sweat extremely offensive.Can swallow liquids only.Painless sore throat.In whatever position patient lies, parts rested on feels sore. Stupor. Mind confused, feels scattered about. Humid heat, fog, indoors open air Comp : Bry, Ars, Gels.
Baryta carbonica (Barium carbonate) Children physically and mentally weak. Loss of memory. Tonsils inflammation, swelling, chronic - suppuration. Great sensitiveness to cold. Chronic cough.Offensive foot sweats. Cold. When thinking of disease. After meals. Lying on painful side Heat. Drinking liquids Useful before or after Psor, Sulph and Tub. Sim to Dul, Sil, Iod.
Belladonna (Deadly nightshade) Solanacea Person lively when well, violent and delirious when ill. Sensitive to cold. Redness of face and eyes. Throbbing pains. Headache, rush of blood to head. Bores head into pillow. Fear of imaginary things. Red skin. Abdomen tender, distended. Tongue red and dry, white coating on tongue.Suddenness of sensation or motion. Touch, motion, noise, draft of air, looking at bright objects. after 3 pm. uncovering the head By rest, standing or sitting erect. In warm room Complem to Calc. Similar to Acon, Bry, Gels, Glon, Op, Stram
Bryonia alba (White bryony) Cucurbitacae Irritable, inclined to be angry. Excessive dryness of mucous membranes Great thirst. Ailments from anger.Headache. Stool hard, large, dry. Mammae heavy. Cough with gagging and vomitting. Wants to go home, even when at home. Stitching pains. Motion, exertion, touch, warmth, cannot sit up. Lying on painful side. Rest - mental and physical. Pressure, cold. Compl - Alumina and Rhus. Kali c, Nux, Phos, Rhus, Sulph follows well.
Cactus grandiflorus (Night blooming cactus) Constriction of heart. Fear of death. Headache, neuralgia. Whole body feels as if caged. Heart feels as if held by hand. Palpitation (at approach of menses). Haemorrhages in connection with heart troubles, nose,bladder,stomach,lungs,rectum. Suffocation - fainting. By contact. While walking or while lying on left side.

Open air

Compare : Acon, Dig, Gels, Lach, Tub
Calcarea (Calcium carbonate) Middle layer of oyster shell Psoric constitutions, light complexions. Pale, timid, tired easily.Disposed to grow fat. Head sweats. Craving for eggs. Menses profuse, long lasting.Great liability to take cold.Deficient bone development.Impaired nutrition tendency to glandular enlargements. Sour digestive tract.Cough - loose. Cold air, wet weather, cold water, washing, morning and in full moon Dry weather, warmth, lying on painful side, pressure Compl to Bell. Follows Sulph, Puls. Must not be given before Suplh (Hahn)
Capsicum (Cayonne pepper) Solanacea Indolent, dreads any kind of exercise. Dreads open air - children.Constriction in throat, chest, bladder, rectum. Burning and smarting sensation. Tonsillitis with soreness and constriction. Pains in distant parts on coughing. Chill begins between shoulders. Cold, cold drinks. While eating, from heat. Compare : Apis, Bell, Bry, Puls.
Carbo vegetabilis (Vegetable charcoal) Exhausted, complete collapse. Desire to be fanned. Haemorrhages on any mucous surface. Excessive flatulence. Exhaustion of previous illness. Bleeding gums. Debilitated state.Cold knees at night. from butter, fat foods, warm or damp weather. From eructations, belching . Being fanned Compl : Cina, Kali carb.
Chamomilla (Matricaria chamomilla) Compositea Esp. children. During period of dentition. Snappish, irritable, oversensitive to pain. Child quiet when carried. Pain with numbness. Diarrhoea, from cold,anger or during dentition. Burning of soles. Uneasiness. Dry cough at night.Toothache. By heat, anger, evening, open air, wind, eructations From being carried, fasting, warm, wet weather. Compl : Bell
China - Cinchona officialis (Peruvian bark) Rubiacae Broken down, debilitation. Indifferent, gloomy.haemorrhages. Headache as if skull would burst.Sensitive to touch, pain. Trembling. Intermittent fevers.Flatulence not relieved by belching. Chronic liver troubles.  From slightest touch, draft of air, mental emotions. Hard pressure. By bending over double. Compl : Ferr. Compare with Chin sul
Cocculus indicus Menispermacea Adapted to book worms, romantic girls - irregular menstruation, Nausea,vomitting while travelling. Headache as if bound by cord. Bad effects from loss of sleep.Time passes to quickly.Trembling.Weakness of cervical muscles, small back. Sitting up, moving, smoking, talking, eating, night watching. Lying quietly Compare Ign & Nux
Coffea cruda (Coffee) Rubiacea Overesensitiveness. Unusual activity of mind and body. Bad effects of sudden emotion.Headache from mental overexertion, thinking. Toothache (relieved from cold water). Sleeplesness. Sudden mental emotion, excessive joy, cold open air, narcotics Warmth, lying down, holding ice in mouth Compl : Acon. Ign, Coc incompatible
Colocynth (Squirting cucumber) Cucurbitacea Pain in abdomen, causing patient to bend double, better by pressure. Pains worse after eating or drinking. Vertigo, when turning head to right.Shooting pains in limbs.Dysentry with colic pains. Facial and sciatical neuralgia. Anger and indignation, cheese. evening from hard pressure, coffee. Compl : Merc, Cocc, Mag Phos
Conium maculatum (Poison hemlock) Umbelliferae Debility of old people, Indifferent, Sore,hard breasts. Vertigo, while lying down or turning in bed. Intermittent flow of urine.Leucorrhea. Bad effects of suppressed sex desire or suppressed menses. Photophobia (aversion to light).Sweats even while sleeping (closing eyes). At night, while lying down, turning or rising in bed, celibacy. Fasting, from letting limbs hang down.In the dark. Compl : Bar, Kali phos.
Crotalus horridus (Rattlesnake poison) Haemorrhages - blood flows from every orifice. Malignant jaundice, Apoplexy. Diarrhoea. Blood decomposition. More right sided in action. Right side, Open air, spring, on awaking. Heat Compare : Naja, Lachesis.
Digitalis purpurea (Foxglove) Sudden flushes of heat, Sensation as if heart would stop. Sinking in stomach, weak chest. Very slow & weak pulse. Blueness of skin. Numbness. Difficult respiration. When sitting, esp when sitting erect.Motion Lying quietly. Sleeping. Cinchona antidotes direct action of digitalis
Drosera rotundifolia (Sundew)
Whooping cough, with violent paroxysms. Scarcely able to breath. Constant irrtating cough, gagging. Sensation of a feather in larynx. Sore thraot. Warmth in bed, drinking, lying down, midnight –––– Compl : Nux
Dulcamara (Bitter sweet) Solanacea Rheumatic or skin or asthmatic affections brought on by damp weather. Increased secretion of mucous membranes.Colic as if diarhhoea would occur.Dropsy. Cold, damp weather, supressed menses Warmth, moving around Compl : Bar, Kali sulph
Eupatorium perfoliatum (Boneset) Bruised feeling, as if broken. Bone pains all over. Soreness of eyeballs.Vertigo, as if falling to left. Insatiable thirst.Soreness in chest while coughing. Worse periodically Better by getting on hands and knees Comp : Bry, Natr mur.
Ferrum metallicum (Iron) Pettish, quarrelsome, irritable. Weak women. Extreme paleness. Face becomes flushed on least pain, emotion, exertion.Hammering headache, haemorrhage, diarrhoea while eating or drinking.Vertigo on seeing flowing water.Constipation -itching of anus. At night, at rest, esp while sitting still Walking slowly around, in summer Compl : Alum, Cinch. Should never be given in syphilis.
Gelsemium nitidum (Yellow jasmine) For children, young people, women with nervous temperament. Fear of any ordeal, brings on diarrhoea, weakness and trembling. Vertigo spreading from occiput. Headache from base of brain(relieved by urinating).Lack of muscular co-ordination. Comple relaxation of muscles (motor paralysis). Damp weather, before storm, bad news, by thinking of ailment.when spoken to off his loss. Profuse urination relieves headache. Comp : Bap in typhoid fever.
Graphites (Black lead) Suited to women, inclined to obesity, suffering from constipation and delayed menses.Excessively timid. Music makes her weep. Leucorrhoea. Unhealthy skin,eruption, honey-like fluid oozes out, every injury suppurates. Eczema. Nails brittle, crumbling.Stools brown. At night, during menses, warmth In dark, from wrapping up Similar to Lyc & Puls in menstrual troubles.
Hamamelis virginica (Witch Hazel) Hamamalacae Venous haemorrhages - dark clotted blood, varicose veins, stinging, pricking pains, bruised soreness of affected parts.Lacerated wounds. Hameorrhage from bowels. Piles with sore pain in back. Uterine haemorrhage. Worse in warm, moist air


Compl : Ferr. Compare Arn
Hepar sulphuris calcareum (Hahnemann's Sulphuret of lime) CaS Slightest injury causes suppuration. Oversensitive physically and mentally, Extremely sensitive to cold air. Urine flow impeded. Choking cough, from exposure. Asthma - must sit up and bend head back. Splinter in throat. Sensitive to touch. Clay coloured stool.. Lying on painful side. cold air. Uncovering. touching affected parts Warmth in general. wrapping up (esp head). Damp, wet weather Compl : Calendula. Compare psoric skin affections of Sulphur
Hypericum perforatum (St. John's wort) Hypericacea Mechanical injuries of spinal cord, punctured wounds, prevents lockjaw. Injuries to nerves. Nervous depression. Vertigo -feels head is elongated. Headache, as if being lifted high in air. Corns. Convulsions. Cold, dampness, fog. Better by bending head backwards Compare Ledum, Arnica, Calendula
Ignatia (St. Ignatius bean) Loganiaceae Remedy of paradoxes, contradictions. Headache better, lying on painful side. sore throat better by swallowing. Moody disposition. All gone sensation in stomach.Silent grieving. Twitchings (chorea). Constipation, urging in upper abdomen.Thirst during chill, Chill relieved by heat, Heat aggravated by covering, Red face during chill. Ignatia : women :: Nux : men  From tobacco, coffee, mental emotions, grief, strong smells. Warmth, hard pressure, swallowing, walking Coff & Nux incompatible. Puls antidotes Ign
Ipecacuanha (Ipecac) Rubiaceae Constant and continous nausea. Vomiting of mucus. Stomach relaxed, as if hanging down. Flatulent colic. Headache of gastric origins. Stool (green) with white mucus. Bright red haemorrhage. Asthma - difficulty breathing, anxiety about the stomach.Pains as if broken into pieces. Oversensitive to heat and cold. Winter and dry weather, warm, moist, south winds, slightest motion. ---- Followed well by Ars and Ant t (asthma)
Iodium (Iodine) Great emaciation, debility. Ravenous hunger, yet loses flesh. Better while eating. Hard goitre. Sensation as if heart was squeezed with iron hand. Acid, corrosive leucorrhea, cervical cancer. Dry cough, child grasps the throat. Glandular enlargements. Warmth, wrapping up the head. Walking about, in open air. Compl : Lyc. Compare : Conc, Kali bich.
Kali bichromicum (Potassium bichromate) K2Cr2O7 Discharge of stringy mucus, adheres to parts. Complaints in hot weather.Pains shift rapidly. Pressing pain in root of nose.oedema in uvula. Blurred vision. Ulcers, deep, as if cut, with regular edges.Pains in small spots. Fullness of stomach. Fat,light-haired people. Heat of summer, hot weather. Skin symptoms better in cold weather. Compare : Hep, Iod. Ant t, follows well.
Kali bromatum (Potassium bromide) K Br Loss of sensibility. Nervous, restless, hands and fingers in constant motion.Loss of memory. Absent minded. Night terrors of children.Acne, pustules, bluish-red. ---- Better, when occupied mentally or physically Antidote for lead poisoning
Kali carbonicum (Potassium carbonate) K2O3CO2 Stitching pains. Pain in lower (right) chest to back. Asthma relieved by bending forward. Great flatulence, everything turns to gas.Backache, before & after menses. anaemic condition. Great debility.bag-like swelling, between upper eyelid and eyebrow Worse 2 -4 pm, after coition, cold weather. Better in warm weather. moving about. Complementary to Carbo veg.Brings on menses when Nat m fails (Hahnemann)
Kali iodatum (Potassium iodate)
Cough, thick, green, salty, expectoration. Long continued cough, after cold. In syphilis. Pneumonia when hepatisation has commenced. Bone pain, at night. Warm clothing, warm room, night. Motion, open air Compare : Iod, Merc, Sulph Antidote : Hep
Kali muriaticum (Potassium chloride) KCl Remedy for tonsillitis, after acute inflammatory stage has been checked. Deafness, blockage of eustachian tube.White or gray coat at base of tongue. Eczema. Rich foods (gastric), fats, motion. ---- Compare : Belladonna, also Merc.
Kali sulphuricum (Potassium sulphate) K2SO4 Yellow or greenish discharges from mucous membranes.Rheumatic pains in joints.Evening aggarav of fever. Loose cough, rattling of mucus. Evening, Heated room. Open air, cool air. Chronic of Pulsatilla
Kalmia latifolia (Mountain laurel) Severe neuralgia of face. right sided. Eyes heavy, as if too big for orbit. Weakness. numbness of affected parts.Pains shooting in downward direction.Vertigo when stooping or looking down. Pulse slow.  Leaning forward, looking down, motion, open air. Lying quietly, Compare : Spigelia.
Lac caninum (Dog's milk) Inflammatory affections travel crosswise,  from side to side. Breasts and throat sore at menses.. Shifting pains.Forgetful, absent minded. Throat affection. Morning of one day and evening of next Cold, cold drinks Compare : Lach
Lachesis (Surukuku snake poison) Sleeps into aggravation. Hot flushes and hot perspiration. Left sided remedy. Diseases begin on left and shift to right (chest, throat,ovary). Great sensitiveness to touch. Headache, bursting pains in temple. Great loquacity. (jumps from one topic to another). Constriction, must loosen everything. Weakness & trembling(tongue). Small wounds bleed profusely. After sleep, contact, extreme temperature, spring, summer Pains better during menses.Warm applications Comp : Hep, Lyc
Ledum palustre (Marsh tea) Ericacae Rheumatism begins in feet and travels upwards. Rheumatic gouts. Complaints of people cold all the time - lack of animal heat. Oedematous swellings.Punctured wounds by sharp instruments. Discoloration after injuries.(black & blue becomes green) Motion, night, warmth of bed and covering Holding feet in ice-cold water relieves pains Compare : Arn, Crot, Ham
Lilium tigrinum (Tiger Lily) Liliaceae Great bearing down, as if pelvic contents would press out through the vagina. Sensation of constriction of heart with uterine troubles. Frequent desire for stools/urine with uterine displacement.Depression , tormented, indifferent, aversion to food. By consolation, in warm room When in fresh air.  Compare : Agar, Nat p, Plat, Sep
Lycopodium clavatum (club moss) Lycopodiacea Depression of mind, stupid, memory fails,uses wrong words to express, mixes up things. Right-side complaints or begins right and travels left(throat,ovaries,uterine region, kidney). Insatiable hunger, flatulence with rumbling.Irritable on waking.Sour discharges.Red sand in urine.Right-sided hernia.  From 4pm to 8pm. Warm food and drinks, uncovering head, loosening garments Compl : Iod.  Not advisable to start treatment of chronic disease with Lyc, better to use a anti-psoric.
Magnesia phosphorica (Magnesium phosphate) MgPO3 Cramping pains everywhere, also lightning like in coming and going. Cutting, stabbing, shooting pains. Spasmodic affections without any fever-like symptoms. Colic, cramps in calves.Dread of uncovering.Writers cramps.Enuresis.    Cold air. Draft of cold wind. cold bathing. motion, touch Bending double, heat, warmth, pressure Compare : Bell, Lyc,Col. 
Acts best when given in hot water.
Mercurius vivus (Quick metal) Swollen, flabby tongue with imprint of teeth. Sweats day and night without relief. Creeping chilliness. Slimy mucous. Moist tongue, intense thirst. Glandular swellings (inclined to suppurate).Slimy,bloody dysentry.Intense thirst.  At night, in warmth of bed, while sweating, lying on right side Cold drinks Compare : Phos, Kali mur
Naja tripudians (Venom of the cobra) Very useful in affection of heart, weak heart. Dry cough in heart problems. Suicidal feelings. Headache in left temple and left orbital region with nausea, vomiting. From use of stimulants Walking or riding in open air. Compare : Lach, Crot h.
Natrum muriaticum (Common salt) NaCl Great weakness, loses flesh while living well. Headache beginning with blindness. Tongue with red patches. For bad effects of anger (caused by offence).Melancholy - depressed and weeping. Dreams of robbers.Dry and cracked mucous membrane 10 or 11 am, mental exertion, lying down Open air, cold bathing, skipping meals,lying on painful side Compl : Apis Is followed well by Sep and Thuj
Natrum sulphuricum (Glaubers salt) Na2SO4 Loose cough, great pain in the chest. Diarrrhoea, acute in morning, flatulence and rumbling in stomach. Music makes her sad.Humid asthma. Feels like shooting himself to death. Toothace > cold water  Damp weather, damp dwellings, rest, lying down Dry weather, sitting up, pressure, changing position. Comp : Nat m and Sulph
Nitric acid HNO3 Suited to thin persons,black eyes and hair. Takes cold easily. Physical irritability, nervous. Sticking pains as if from splinters. Sensation of band around head.Urine smells like that of horse. Ulcerated gums. Blood bright red. Evening and night. change of weather, on waking While riding in a carriage Compl : Ars Inimical to Lach (Mer : light-haired people)
Nux vomica (Poison nut) Loganiacea Frequent ineffectual desire for stools. For particular, zealous persons, malicious irritable, dispositon. Twitchings, spasms, Chilliness (even during fevers), Oversensitive. Pressure in stomach after eating. Addicted to stimulants. Morning, on waking at 4am, mental exertion, over-eating, anger,touch, cold weather In evenings, when at rest, lying down and in damp weather Compl : Sulphur Is best given at night before going to bed.
Opium (Poppy) Papaveraceae Abnormal painlessness, trembling. Blunted morals, worst liars. Fright. Sleepy, but cannot sleep. Very hot skin with sweating.Stupor with dark-red face. Bed feels so hot she cannot lie on it, moves often in search of cold place.Lack of vital reaction During and after sleep, while perspiring, from warmth & stimulants From cold. From constant walking Comp : Apis, Bell, Stram, Zinc
Phosphorous (The element) Tall slender,narrow chested persons, nervous weak persons, waxy,jaundiced persons.Haemorrhagic diathesis; small wounds bleed profusely.A weak, empty, all-gone sensation in head, chest, stomach and entire abdomen. Craves cold drinks but throws them up once cold drinks turns warm in the stomach. Diarrhoea.  Weather changes, thunderstorm, cold, evening, lying on painful side In the dark; lying on right side;  from cold food, cold water, until it gets warm. Compl : Arsenic, and Cepa. Follows well after Cinch
Podophyllum (May apple) Diarhhoae, stools profuse (drains the patients) and offensive, Persistent gagging, without vomitting, rolling the head and moaning with half-closed eyes. Great loquacity during the fever stage. Prolapsus of uterus, anus. In early morning, during hot weather, dentition ---- Compare : Aloe, Nux, Sulph
Psorinum (A product of Psora) Nosode Great sensitiveness to cold, body has filthy odour, Violent itching of skin, eruptions on skin. Very sad, despondent, great debility. Hungry at night - wants to eat something. Suppressed eruptions. In cold air, in warmth of bed, sitting up or motion Bringing arms close to body, lying down, warm Compare : Sulph, Tub
Pulsatilla (Anemone) Ranunculacea Changeable remdedy, Pain travels from one part to another. Patient weeps easily. Midl,gentle disposition. Bad taste in mouth, no thirst.Stomach disturbed by rich fat foods. Pains with severe chilliness.Menses, suppressed from getting feet wet. In warm, closed room, evening, warm applications in open air, lying on painful side, cold room, cold applications Compl : Kali m, Sil. One of best remedy to start chronic case treatment (Sul)
Rhux toxicodendon (Poison oak) Anacardiaceae Rheumatic diathesis. Ailment from spraining or straining a single part. Great restlessness. Sensitive to open air. Tongue dry, triangular red tip. Thirst. Paralysis, with numbness of affected parts.Diarrhoae with beginning typhoid - tearing pain in limbs during stool.  During rest, Before storm, cold, wet weather. Warm dry weather, motion, hot things, change of position Compl : Bry. Must not be used before or after Apis
Ruta graveolens (Rue bitterwort) Rutaceae Bruised lame sensation, Restless.Headache from overexertion of eyes. Eyes burn, feel strained. Prolapsus of rectum, immediately on attempting stool.Pressue on bladder (even after urinating). Lying down, from cold, wet weather. Backache better pressure and lying on back Compare : Rhus, Arn. Compl : Calc phos
Sepia (Inky juice of cuttlefish) Mollusca Bearing down pain, must sit down and cross legs to keep something coming out from vagina. Fulness in pelvic region - like ball in anus. Flushes of heat. Waik,fainting. Headache, in terrific shocks, pressing, bursting. Reddish clay sediment in urine.Enuresis in children Afternoon, evening. Cold,dry air.sexual excesses, before a storm Warmth of bed, hot applications, violent exercise Compl : Nat mur. Inimical to Lach and Puls
Silicea (Pure silica) Irritable, nervous temperament. Open fontanelles and sutures. Distended abdomen, weakness. Want of vital heat. Inactivity of rectum. Faeces remain long time in rectum. Sweat (of feet). All bone related disorders Cold, during menses. During new moon. Uncovering, lying down Warmth (wrapping head), better by cold food (except gastric) Compl : Puls, Thuja
Sulphur (The element) Hahnemann's great anti-psoric. Itching eruption on skin, followed by burning. Redness of all orifices. Weak, faint after hot flashes. All gone sensation in pit of stomach at 11am. When carefully selected remedies fail to act. Feet burning (wants to put out of bed). Dirty filthy people. When standing, at rest. warmth in bed, washing, changeable weather. Dry warm weather, lying on right side. scratching (of skin itch) Compl : Psor, aloe. Calc must not be used before Sulph.
Thuja occidentalis (White cedar) Coniferae Hahnemann's anti-sycotic. Fixed ideas (as if he were two persons). Vertigo when closing the eyes. Ailments from bad effects of vaccination. Large warts and blisters. Piles worse when sitting. Sensation as if limbs were made of glass and would break. Supressed gonorrhea. At night, from heat of bed, 3am and 3pm, damp air. narcotics Drawing up of limbs Compl : Sil. Follows well after Med, Merc
Tuberculinum (Pus from tubercular abscess) Nosode Symptoms every changing. History of tubercular problems. Weak chest and lungs.Wants to travel, not satisfied in one place. Emaciation in spite of living well. Pain through left upper lung to back. Taking fresh cold on exposure. Motion, music, before a storm, standing Open air and continued motion Compl : Psor and Sulph
Veratrum album (White hellebore) Melanthacae For children and old people. Rapid sinking of vital force. Cold perspiration on forehead. Face is pale, blue, features sunken. Icy coldness. Violent vomitting with profuse diarrhoae. Fever with extreme coldness. From least motion, after drinking, before and during menses, after fright Walking and warmth Compare : Ars, Arn, Cinch, Camph
Zincum metallicum (Zinc) Brain or nerve power weak. Violent fidgeting in feet, must move them. Child cries out during sleep. Ravenous hunger (11). Spinal affection, burning along length of the spine. Pale face, no heat during dentition. Of many symptoms, from drinking wine By expectorating, urinating and by menstrual flow Compare : Hell,Tub. Inimical to Nux and Cham